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About Aluminum Wheels MFG. Inc

Aluminum Wheels MFG. Inc is a premier supplier of light and industrial grade aluminum wheels, specializing in cutting edge manufacturing technologies including aluminum liquid forging (A-357) and press forging(AA6061) of aluminum wheels. With operations in both North America, and Asia, our customer base is constantly expanding with an expectation for the highest-grade aluminum products available.

Originally part of Liaoning Zhongxiang Aluminum Company Ltd. based in Liaoyang, China, we have become independent as operations gradually expanded into North America in 2012. 



Why choose us

We utilize the latest technology in the design, development, manufacturing and product reliability testing to insure our customers receive the highest quality product we can provide.

The company functions with a spirit of Innovation. This allows us to develop new ideas, products, processes, methods that support our customers and our environment.

Our company operates with the utmost sincerity, honesty and strong moral principles in everything we do. This is the only way we do business.

Our relationship with our customers cannot be one sided. This is why we strongly support doing business that is mutually beneficial to both parties. This mind set is supported by the key operating principals noted herein. Ultimately we expect business relationships with our customers to lead to a “WIN-WIN” relationship.


Aluminum Wheels MFG products providing many advantages to our customers and our industry.



85% Complete (success)


Improved durability

91% Complete (success)



78% Complete (success)


Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

67% Complete (success)


Reduce tire rolling resistance

95% Complete (success)


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